That One Time I Went to Hawaii

Best vacation spot ever, highly recommend.
  1. First sight. Big island, Hawaii
    2 planes, 12 hours, 3 flying anxiety attacks later.
  2. Igneous rock from volcanic eruptions.
    The airport was situated on a desert of volcanic rock, this is from the winding road that brought us through said desert and to Kailua.
  3. Pololū valley hike
    First adventure upon arrival, absolutely beautiful. This trail brings you down the cliffs and onto a black sand beach.
  4. Also, apparently a death trap
    Still worth it.
  5. The black sand beach
    Beautiful. There are cairn's all over the place, so we made one too.
  6. Rain
    Rain is great in Hawaii; doesn't last long and it's beautiful.
  7. Snorkeling
    Sea turtles are everywhere.
  8. The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
    Hawaii's national fish, they're very territorial. One bit my foot and chased me away.
  9. Lava covered road
    From the eruption in 1983, now a sight-seeing destination.
  10. Steam vent, Volcanoes National Park
  11. Ultimate selfie, with a volcano.
    And my beautiful friend Kasey, who I went to Hawaii with.
  12. Rainbow Falls, Hilo.
  13. Akaka Falls, Hamakua
    420 ft.
  14. Waikiki Beach.
    From the Big Island, we traveled to O'ahu
  15. Me in Honolulu, overwhelmed at big city life.
    I don't live in a large city, and I'm grateful.
  16. Hanauma Bay
    Snorkeled here; beautiful lagoon, kinda crowded at times.
  17. Relaxing on the Bay
    Probably the most relaxed I've ever been.
  18. Street performer!
    Honolulu is full of these guys. Some impressive, some not.
  19. View from our hotel balcony in Honolulu
  20. The flight home
    I did not want to leave.