The Tracklist of My Last Concert (in My Shower)

Inspired by @Lisa_Fav
  1. Groove Is In the Heart, by Deee-Lite
    I sing this song year round and my friends all despise it. They just don't have groove in their hearts, obvs.
  2. I Ain't No Quitter, by Shania Twain
    Shania Twain is my number one lady, never am I tired of Shania Twain. Shania Twain is, how the millennials would say, "bae". Did I mention Shania Twain? Shania Twain.
  3. Kokamantratarius, by Pain
    Not a very well known song. Not an extensively known band either. But these guys have some catchy tunes!
  4. Ex's & Oh's, by Elle King
    It's just a good song; catchy and up beat. The radio gets it stuck in my head easily.
  5. My Same, by Adele
    I cannot express how much I love Adele. Throwin it back to the "19" days. It's got a playful beat and fun lyrics.
  6. WTF(Where They From) [feat. Pharrell Williams], by Missy Elliott
    I am not even going to pretend I'm cool enough for Missy Elliott, but she's back at it & I'm hooked on it right now.