Times Burger King Has Misinterpreted My Name

My old job had limited lunch options if you didn't pack your lunch, we had Subway, Popeyes, Arby's, and Burger King. The employees of Burger King apparently thought my name was an alien language. These are some examples that I found in my phone that I had saved from a while ago.
  1. STEV.
    Possibly Nordic? Swedish? Whatever it is, it's not Ethan. Sorry, Cashier Martin.
  2. ETEL.
    First two letters correct--all downhill from there. Good try, Cashier Maria.
  3. PEXIC.
    This one is my favorite. I don't know who, what, when, where, why, or how? Cashier Tia, what is going on in there?
  4. ETHIN.
    From today, very much improved. A for effort, Cashier Michelle.
  5. Also, don't judge me on the account of every order being a Whopper...