Trivial Reasons to Drop All of My Classes

I work full time, I'm taking 5 classes, what am I doing to myself?
  1. STA 2023, Statistics
    It's math. I hate math. Although the professor is great, it's math....& I hate it. Plus, there's required group work...why?
  2. SPC 1608, Public Speaking
    I think this class was intentionally created to destroy me. Make me get up in front of the class & then grade me on how much I trip over my own words and make a fool of myself? Okay, college board. Anxiety attacks every Monday.
  3. MAC 1105, College Algebra
    Again, I hate math. I hate it so much that I put it off till my final semester & screwed myself because I have to take two math courses at once.
  4. MCB 2000, Microbiology
    Taking it online so I don't have to show my face to another room full of people. But homework galore.
  5. IDS 2891, Interdisciplinary Studies
    A stupid exit course that was created so... the college can make money? What I benefit from it, I'll never know.