Inspired by @ky
  1. The Secret Circle
    Your first season was so good, I was so invested. Then you get cancelled without even an attempt of a resolution to the plot. You cut me deep.
  2. The Following
    Season one, hooked. Season two, great....until you kill off my favorite character (I won't give any spoilers). Maybe I was just bitter at the brutal death of my beloved character crush, but season three; you just disappoint me. The plot line changed tremendously from the original cornerstone inspiration of a cult following as well. You lost your spark.
  3. That 70's Show
    Don't get me wrong, I adore this show. It's a pop culture icon. I still watch reruns and Netflix it here & there. But, you did me wrong when Eric & Kelso were written out of season 8. I know that was the actors choices, but the show just wasn't the same. And side note, did you producers think we wouldn't notice a totally different actress portraying Laurie?!
  4. Roseanne
    You were a lighthearted, funny, easy going show to enjoy on a weekday evening. Then you got all hardcore in season 9, with the Connor family falling apart in every way possible. Then you throw another psycho curve ball at us (probably because your season 9 idea didn't go so well with ratings) the following season, deciding everything in the previous season was just in Roseanne's mind. No spoilers, but it takes a dark turn and ruins it's precedent comical roots.