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I figured I needed a list to remind myself later
  1. Suits
    something about a man in a well-tailored suit especially the part where the shirt sleeves poke out from under the jacket at the wrists
  2. Rose scent
    reminds me of my grandma and sensuality idk how those go together
  3. Justin Timberlake songs
    not all the time but definitely sometimes "You Got it On" is a prime example
7 more...
  1. NEVER takes out the trash
    we literally pay people to come every Thursday and get our trash wtf
  2. takes a bath in a bathtub she hasn't cleaned so what's the point of even bathing
  3. leaves toothpaste in the sink
    thank god we have separate sinks I would lose my gosh darn head
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This has been in the works for years
  1. In a Week
    King Hozier
  2. Edge of Desire
    John Mayer, the bestest ever
  3. Love in This Club
    Usher bb