Celebrities I've had crushes on

TBH my memory is shit so the years will be messy
  1. Rolfe from the sound of music (most of my childhood)
    Too young to realize know what love was, I watched that kiss over and over again
  2. Jesse McCartney (5th grade-7th grade)
    That voice, swoon
  3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (6th-7th grade)
    August Rush was probably my sexual awakening tbh
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio (9th-11th grade)
    I was just a little too young for Titanic and definitely missed the phase. I'm a very auditory person? And his voice is by far one of the sexiest voices I've heard.
  5. Tom Felton, David Tennant, Andrew Garfield (10th grade)
    British boy phase, they still hold a special place in my heart ❤Tom Felton probably takes the win on most important tho
  6. Eddie Redmayne, George Blagden (freshman year of college-tbh it never ended)
    Really all the Les Amis if we're being honest
  7. Matt Bomer (freshman year of college)
    ... he plays a hot charming artist. No questions asked
  8. Kit Harrington (sophomore year of college-present)
    Honestly Jon snow doesn't do much but I can't help but like him bc of Kit Harringtons face and body
  9. Honorable mentions that I forgot to include earlier
  10. Colin Firth
    From the beginning of time forever and always. Like the only dilf, gilf? For meeee
  11. Yunho, Hero and Changmin from DBSK
    All of my kpop middle school years