1. Herbal tea
    Jasmine, sometimes green. Never milk or sugar
  2. Red wine
    Typically Cabernet Sauvignon or certain types of Pinot Noir but Chianti if I want to reminisce my study abroad days.
  3. Coffee
    Doused in (coconut) milk and sugar, made into a dirty chai or cappuccino if I'm feeling fancy.
  4. Hot chocolate
    9/10 will choose this over coffee in the winter, especially with a shot of Bailey's. Once again Parisian or Italian style if I'm feeling nostalgic.
  5. #parisianhotcocothrowback
  6. Gin and tonic
    My drink of choice when I go out, cheap and one of the few hard liquors I can stand.
  7. Margaritas
    Two words. TEXAS Y'ALL