Some Ch ch changes I want to talk about
  1. Hi list app.
  2. This is a formal declaration
  3. I'm publicly announcing to all my fans
  4. That as of today I am going to start listing more and interacting with others!
  5. Why does this require a declaration you ask?
  6. Because for most of my life on the various social media I use I've been a very passive user. I consume a lot but I never create anything or interact with anyone and I want to change that.
  7. I think I'm pretty witty and occasionally funny.
  8. And I want to show the world! Or at least actually do something for once.
  9. I just graduated college.
    Where did my cap even go?
  10. And right now I'm unemployed. Living with some people off my meager savings.
  11. And I feel like all I've done is watch Game of Thrones, drink wine and apply to jobs half-ass. I feel like I don't have control over my life and in general live a very passive life.
  12. I have big dreams and the elitist mindset to go along with it.
  13. But I also just give up and feel bad when I see everyone around me doing better.
  14. So as of today I'm taking control over my life. Starting with small changes like this app!
  15. Okay I'm ending this list now. It's getting too long.
  16. Goodbye for now. The next time you see me, I'll have some super cool list out.