Alternatively named "let's remind everyone that I was in a sorority"
  1. Step one
    Buy liquor to pregame
  2. Step two
    Pregame by toking and taking shots, remember that you hate hard liquor, regret all your life decisions, repeat
  3. Static
    Step three. Put on your bid day makeup within the comfort of your own home with your roommate/ "sister". The more like Kesha you look, the better
  4. Static
    Step four, forget to charge your phone like a dumbass and end up stealing photos from others.
  5. Static
    Step 5. Change out of your glitter shorts because they're too cold and not comfortable for the after party and take annual butt photo. Then drink too much champagne.
  6. Actually meeting the babies and talking to them is optional
  7. Step 6. Go to work the next day and regret day drinking that much. Realize you're too old for this shit. Repeat again next year
  8. Static
    One more photo just for the shorts