1. Chinese tea eggs
    When I first graduated, all the anxiety and fear I felt of officially leaving my home manifested in the craving for comfort food. Aka Asian food for me, and these were at the top of my list of things I tried making.
  2. Not that great study abroad experience socially (I didn't get along with the people in my program very well), less than drama free Paris trip, yet perfect memory. Getting tipsy off wine and cheese after our lunch because cliches and Paris, finding a carousel next to the Eiffel Tower and giggling like children on it.
  3. Heavy rain+finals+my love for rain and freshman year= happiness
  4. My blanket I've had since I was a kid that somehow manages to be really big in size that I've brought to every bed I've owned.
  5. Friendship that was solidified after an hour and a half car ride blasting 1000 miles and greenday.
  6. To be updated
  7. Freshman year drunk encounter resulting in future best friendship
    "Don't judge meeee" "niiiiii"
  8. Getting my first kiss at 19
    With the 5th year, wine drunk in the practice rooms, awkwardness and heavy makeout sessions in his bed