Planners I Want

New year new planner
  1. Designed by Julia Kostreva. I love all of her planners but this ones my favorite by far--"color blocking" and minimalist lines are my favorite.
  2. From mochithings, I'm probably going with this one because it's the cheapest one that had everything I wanted in a planner and I love it's simplicity and bold color.
  3. Also from Mochithings. I liked it because it was bigger so I could fit more things in it, and the salmon-y red color.
  4. Found this one on littleotsu. The tanagram design reminds me of my childhood but still remains clean and sleek.
  5. Have to pay homage to my current planner this one is designed by orange circle studios, who designed the one I'm using now. It's cute--a little cheesy but I like the illustrative, clip art quality of the design.