It's 3:46 am and I can't sleep because I am anxious so I thought a list might help
  1. It's too goddamn late to be awake
    I have all the hours in the day to be anxious tomorrow. I should get some sleep so at least I can be anxious AND productive
  2. I am almost done with this semester
    The end is so close I can see it--I'll have a lifetime ahead to stress over life things instead of school
  3. Sleep is nice
    If I stop being anxious I can sleep. If i sleep I'll be happy and well rested and not anxious. Easy decision
  4. So are good grades
    The more I stress the less time I have to study and do well. Then I just lose and that's not fun
  5. I can get drunk next weekend
    If I accomplish this week I can get drunk next weekend and not feel guilty
  6. Because I am a motherfucking champion
    Excuse my language but I rule. I don't need this anxiety to be present and it'll go away because of my champion status
  7. anxiety attacks are so 2014
    Back at the height of my anxiety. Been there done that