Last first day of class thoughts and stuff
  1. Yay! First day of class. I can do this!
  3. Oh god why is that girl so annoying shut upppp
  4. Why am I so tired? It's only my first class. You have 4 more classes after this wake up!!!!
  5. Yayyyyy look at all the friends I'm seeing in my lunch break--oh no I need to focus on this work
  6. Hm this class is ridiculously easy
  7. Oh god I'm the only senior in this class or at least only senior classics major
  8. I have no friends in this class, I wish I'd taken the earlier section
  9. Okay this class is pretty cool whatever I'll just hate everyone in this class
  10. He wants this class to be "fun?" What? Sigh
  11. These buildings are cool but why do I need to tell you how I feel
  12. No tests? Sweet!!
  13. Oh god now for the dreaded three hour class--I hope I have something smart to say
  14. Thank god I took theorizing myth, maybe I can survive this class AND learn to pronounce German
  15. Sigh so much homework for this class but that could've gone so much worse. At least I got out 1.5 hours early!
  16. But...what do I do with my day now that I'm out? I'd planned to be out way later...I guess I could study?
  17. Yayyyy friendship yayyyy clean my car yayyyyyy
  18. Sigh I know I already ate but I'm just gonna stuff myself with food and do homework
  19. Fuck it, I'm gonna watch pride and prejudice instead
  20. Whoops...I forgot how sad I was because of Alan Rickman. Fuck