1. My nails. They remind me of New Years with how sparkly they are.
  2. Arugula
    I've been putting it on everything—my veggie burgers, salads, by itself, in my omelettes, etc.
  3. On a similar note, home cooking.
    I'm poor af right now and it's been forcing me to cook for almost every meal which I'm not used to and I'm finding it really rewarding.
  4. Single by 30
    There wasn't a gif of it :( but this will suffice. Wong Fu really blew it out of the park with this one, the production value and added outside writing really help shape this into their most beautifully done projects.
  5. Kina Grannis
    Co-star of Single by 30, but I'm a long time fan. Her cover of K-Ci and Jojo (also played in Single by 30) is phenomenal.
  6. My support system/ Complex lady friends/ Kinsey scale
    I'm planning on making a list later, but shout out to the best group of friends ever for helping me through this 5 months of shittery and unemployment.
  7. A sketchbook
  8. Kinfolk
    I got a free issue in the mail —> that one, and as someone that doesn't take the time out to read, adding half an hour into my day and reading out of it has been a very meditative process
  9. Wasabi mayo