Oozing in bougieness. Critiquing and shitting on everyone's tastes, one artist at a time.
  1. Monet or Van Gogh
    Likes "art", either a tween girl or middle aged mother, maybe has this or a similar art work printed on something. Dreams of going to Paris and believes in true love. Pretty basic bitch.
  2. Dali
    Either #quirky or 3edgy5me or maybe even a troll. You think Dali is the best because he's weird af. That or you just loved Midnight in Paris. Maybe slightly douchey "you just don't get it. It's all about how the melting clocks symbolize the end of time" or some shit like that.
  3. Frida Kahlo
    Probably a vocal feminist. You love how empowering Frida was and how she gave no fucks. You probably also have an interest in Mexican art and bright colors. Minus 5 points if you dressed up as her for Halloween.
  4. Picasso
    You probably took an art history class once and suddenly consider yourself the aficionado of all art. You like to tell everyone about Picasso's blue period and and how he pioneered cubism.
  5. Cy Twombly or Pollock
    Potentially an art historian/ major. Really douchey and pretentious. You wear all black and visit coffee shops and go to art openings for the sole reason of sharing your own opinions. Maybe a sexist.
  6. Sol LeWitt
    (My personal current favorite). You're all about "aesthetic" and minimalism, maybe a little bit into DIY. You hate color and secretly spend hours thinking about how much better than everyone you are. You also like theory.
  7. Dada
    Whoever you are I hate you. Ew.