the entire pages listed are gold, but key passages highlighted here. Tell me if you've got more
  1. The (great) Emu War
    There will never be a better wiki page. Just read it.
  2. The European Bee Eater
    What an badass bird. Imagine having to smash the sting out of a wasp. Before eating it. 250 times a day.
  3. Fucking, Austria
    Poor Josef Winkler. Just wanted to make a buck.
  4. Benedetta Carlini
    "Catholic mystic and lesbian nun". What a combo, Benedetta you legend
  5. Kentucky meat shower
    Meat fell from the sky and no one knows why!! Bonus points for sounding like an urban dictionary definition you do NOT want to click on
  6. Norwegian butter crisis
    SMØR-PANIK! But honestly how the fuck did this happen?
  7. Wikipedia: Unusual articles
    The holy grail of Wikipedia procrastinators. Enter at your own risk.