in the last 12 months only. I moved away and people wrote me. It was great
  1. Jesus
    "reading about incest always makes me feel less homesick so hopefully the same to you" (in reference to the fiction book this was placed in) (I realise how questionable this sounds)
  2. Ghent
    *drawing of David Cameron and a pig* "this was a really exciting moment for the UK"
  3. Elephant chooses to stand on your car
    "went to tate modern last Sunday and this made us both think of you"
  4. Pigeons
    "stay $waggin'."
  5. The reconciliation of Oberon and Titania
    "my only goal here is to buy some fudge"
  6. Four postcards from Cardiff
    "they were 4 for £1 in poundland, so I hope your enjoy this quest you are about to endure"
  7. The royal family
    "I don't really have anything to say except I saw this card and thought of you 😊"
    For real all of these postcards make me SO HAPPY and writing this list gave me a little burst of joy. When I think about the letters and postcards I've sent in the last year, they were a challenge (in a good way) to write + give back so much joy.
  9. P.S. The elephant one straight up made me cry
    It was from my mum. What a legend.