This list goes out to my most recent exam session, 17th-25th June. I hate exams
  1. That SNL sketch of the new receptionist
    Honestly the sound of Kristen Wiig going "oh Thomas" messed up my first exam so badly I told my friends if I fail that exam I'm suing her.
  2. That "I do I do I do I dooooooo" bit from Hamilton
    If either Phillipa Soo or Eliza Shyuler wanted to marry me I'd say yes in a heartbeat but NOW IS NOT THE TIME LADIES
  3. That shitty stonewall movie they made with a white cis guy
    Okay this was kinda relevant because I was writing about urban Geography and homonormative cities and how even "queer" spaces are dominated by cis white men but still, Marsha P. Johnson get out of my head for now pls
  4. That I straight bullshitted any entire essay with the word "solastalgia" in the question
    I had no idea what solastalgia means. Googled it post exam and I was using it wrong, obviously. NAILED IT.
  5. That the uk, my home nation, has set itself and the rest of Europe on fire
    Unexpectedly deep. I am honestly devastated right now. I got my mum to vote in my place. I'm personally okay as I qualify for an Irish passport but I am in mourning for my generation, who overwhelming voted to stay and now have to face the consequences for far longer than the old people that voted leave. I am afraid for my European friends living in the UK. I am afraid for northern Ireland which will likely see violence flair up with a reunification vote. I am afraid of what comes next.