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I hit the subscribe button for these guys
  1. Casey Neistat
    Best daily vlogger out there. I've been watching since his 30th vlog and haven't stopped since. Extremely high quality videos and great storytelling.
  2. Shonduras
    King of Snapchat, King of happiness. Every day is the Best Day Ever with this guy. Always puts a smile on my face.
  3. Sara Dietschy
    New to daily vlogging, I discovered her thru Casey (she made a parody of him that he loved). Love her aesthetic.
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Top 10 favorite bands, numbers 2-4 are all tied for second place :P
  1. 1.
    Because obviously.
  2. 2.
    Imagine Dragons
    Smoke+Mirrors is amazing and Night Visions is also a fantastic album.
  3. 3.
    Consistently quality lyrics and a lot of underrated songs. I'm excited for their second studio album.
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Some of my favorite albums and soundtracks in no particular order.
  1. Waking Up - OneRepublic
    Excellent band, underrated album. Highlights include All the Right Moves, Missing Persons 1 & 2, and Passenger.
  2. Smoke + Mirrors - Imagine Dragons
    Not a bad song on this album. Includes different styles but they all work for the band. My favs are the last 5 songs (Dream through The Fall)
  3. Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay
    IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE to pick my fav Coldplay album but MX takes the cake through the story it tells. I really enjoy Paradise, Up with the Birds, Up in Flames, and Princess of China.
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  1. Trombone
    My first love
  2. Drum Kit
    My second love
  3. Tuba
    So heavy and I feel like passing out after playing it but it's fun I guess
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My favorite band is Coldplay. These are songs you probably haven't heard, but should definitely check out.
  1. Rainy Day
    Probably my favorite Coldplay song, entirely weird but so much fun to listen to.
  2. Swallowed in the Sea
    Specifically check out the acoustic version on Youtube, all-around excellent.
  3. Midnight
    I used to hate this song because it was so unlike old Coldplay. Close your eyes and blast with headphones and you realize how excellent it is.
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