My favorite band is Coldplay. These are songs you probably haven't heard, but should definitely check out.
  1. Rainy Day
    Probably my favorite Coldplay song, entirely weird but so much fun to listen to.
  2. Swallowed in the Sea
    Specifically check out the acoustic version on Youtube, all-around excellent.
  3. Midnight
    I used to hate this song because it was so unlike old Coldplay. Close your eyes and blast with headphones and you realize how excellent it is.
  4. Atlas
    Sounds like an update to Coldplay's third album X&Y but with a modern twist. Another great song to blast.
  5. Up With the Birds
    Excellent conclusion to Mylo Xyloto, an excellent album.
  6. Amsterdam
    Beautiful piano with a kickass drop after 3 minutes, wonderful song.
  7. O
    Simple, but pretty.