Instruments I can play (at least a little bit)

I like to music
  1. Trombone
    My first love
  2. Drum Kit
    My second love
  3. Tuba
    So heavy and I feel like passing out after playing it but it's fun I guess
  4. Ukulele
    Super easy mini-guitar, I have an electric one as well as an acoustic and it looks like a mini electric guitar
  5. Electric Bass
    I just read tabs but I like low instruments
  6. Guitar
    Chords and thats about it
  7. Piano
    I can "play" it (not really tho tbh)
  8. Dulcimer
    The mountain man's ukulele
  9. Trumpet
    I played it for four weeks so I guess that counts
  10. Euphonium
    Looks like a small tuba, sounds like a trombone (sorta), can play it by default
  11. Cowbell