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I had just got on this thing and now everyone I follow is leaving
  1. YOU HEAR THAT @list, @listbot ?!?
    People are leaving. To go to Twitter.
    Roll back that update. Actually roll back, like, two updates.
  3. P.S. -
    I'm @eightk on all platforms, but private, thanks to some alt-right trolls.
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I am newish to @list myself, but I am not a fan of the newest update. Neither are you, I can tell.
  1. Also, this is happening a lot right now:
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My dance group (Crossroads Irish Dancers) dances in the parade every year. Last year we won Outstanding Adult Dance Group. Let's see if we can defend our win this year.
  1. I am not cute today.
    It is FREEZING COLD. I am wearing many many layers and I feel like the female version of the Michelin Man
  2. For perspective, it was 65 degrees on Wednesday, so this cold is some bullshit.
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I'm with my aunt and cousin for a weekend of baking pies, making old family recipes, eating a lot of food, and girl time.
    Meghan had this spread all ready for us when we arrived.
    Mmmm, tacos. Also, wine.
    Ok, New York. Stop showing off.
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I suffer from seasonal depression (even though today it was legit 70 degrees in the Northeast — climate change!) and I have also been going through some Rough Emotional Family Stuff the last 2 years. Trying to muddle through.
  1. Today was hard, for no good reason.
    I'm just sad and anxious about things: my mom's health, feeling like I'm spinning my wheels, my financial situation, being single, feeling out-of-place in my body with the weight I've gained, the state of our nation, etc., etc.
  2. Look, depression is boring
    Ugh, all things considered, I'm pretty fucking privileged, I SHOULD NOT COMPLAIN. I am cis, white, straight, with a job, a roof over my head and a graduate degree. SHUT UP, SELF. And yet I feel sad, anxious, upset, and like a garbage human.
  3. I know this is dumb
    I feel worse for feeling bad when I have all these things in my corner. Damn, am I a selfish bourgeoisie or what?
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Sort of live-listing my Friday night home alone. It could be viewed as boring or sad, since I'm a single lady, but really, I'm calling it an act of self care after a long week. Need to decompress.
  1. This sexy wine
    As seen in my list Wines of my life (running list) I'm on glass 3 now, friends. This was a good choice for tonight. Light, but robust.
  2. Dinner: Spaghetti squash, turkey meatballs, marinara sauce, and one link of roasted garlic chicken sausage.
  3. Binging a few of episodes of The West Wing, season 2
    Because I need to remind myself that good people can and do work for the government. Also: ALLISON JANNEY AS CJ CREGG FOREVER YAAASSSSS. Just look at the withering, exhausted, not-here-for-it look she is giving Toby in this scene.
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It is exhausting being this upset all the time, but honestly, our government is a steaming garbage pile at the moment. GOP is the literal worst.
  1. Trump taunting Arnold about Apprentice ratings at The National Prayer Breakfast
    He is such a fucking embarrassment, honestly. NO ONE CAAAAARREES, you narcissistic numpty. https://www.buzzfeed.com/tomnamako/donald-trump-national-prayer-breakfast?utm_term=.ghbnkMbnE#.wtrq6kLqP
  2. That phone call with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull
    Yeah, I know it happened yesterday, but I am still marveling how Trump is fucking things up with our most basic allies. http://wapo.st/2ktHlOX?tid=ss_sms-amp
  3. Trump admin taking white-supremacist groups off the terror watch list.
    At the beginning of Black History Month, no less. Has Steve Bannon's fingerprints all over it. http://reut.rs/2jWNJeA
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I stayed in Hyattsville, MD with my college friend Teresa, along with 4 other boss women and Teresa's rad children.
  1. Night before: Resilience Ball
    I traveled from the suburbs of Philly and arrived for the Resilience Ball at Joe's Movement Emporium which had a pot-luck supper, sign-making, music and dancing from a band called The Wild Anacostias, and a youth peace leadership training. No kidding: this was a fantastic way to kick off the vibe of the weekend.
  2. More Night Before Stuff
    Post-Resilience Ball, we retired to Teresa's house, put the kids to bed and then sat around chatting for a bit. Our girl gang consisted of: Me, Teresa, Heather, Stacy (who flew in from Seattle for the march!), Azeen, and Aria. Stacy had been knitting pink hats for the March and pretty much knitted nonstop until we marched. It was my first time meeting Stacy and Aria, and I hadn't seen Azeen in about 15 years. Marveling at how things like this bring us together.
  3. First thing in the morning, Teresa's 8 year old daughter Lilly came in the kitchen and said, "I think today is going to be the best day!"
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A peek into the plonk I'm drinking. I'm trying to get better/more adventurous with my wine choices.
  1. I dunno some random Cabernet
    I'm in my hometown for one night only and meeting up with an old friend. Hit one of the few bars in town I am aware of and ordered whatever wine they threw at me.
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  1. 1.
    Fast, fun, instant party pleaser dance
  2. 2.
    Slip Jigs
    No better way to feel like a graceful lovely sprite. Catching air on leaps in a slip jig is the beeeeessssst.
  3. 3.
    Treble Jigs
    Stabby, loud, and satisfying dance to do on days where you're frustrated or want to make a point.
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