Favorite Inis Nua Theatre Shows

Over the last 12 years, Inis Nua Theatre Company (inisnuatheatre.org) has produced and presented the best contemporary plays from Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. I've been lucky enough to photograph their shows and be exposed to the most incredible playwrights, storytellers, and artists. Here are my favorites:
  1. Dublin by Lamplight by Michael West
    Mounted 3 times (in 2011, Philadelphia; 2011 in New York; and 2016 at Drexel University), this feels like Inis Nua's flagship show. It's the play that made Artistic Director Tom Reing want to start the theater company. Combination of Vaudville, American Story Theatre, and Commedia dell'Arte, this show is captivating and mesmerizing. Most exciting (and challenging!) show to photograph. [From Ireland]
  2. Made in China by Mark O'Rowe
    Taking place in the Dublin underworld, this show is darkly funny, harsh, and savage. Brutal and frenzied, this show culminates in an intense fight sequence that just thinking about now makes me anxious and my heart race. [2009, from Ireland]
  3. Spine by Clara Brennan
    This show is a love song to libraries, so you know I was on board. It's also a show about learning, community action, and deservedness. Actress Emily R. Johnson as Amy was a revelation in this show. [2016, from England]
  4. Bedbound by Enda Walsh
    Oh, man. This show. Obviously what I remember most is what a tour de force late actress Melissa Lynch was in this production. Incredible. Also, the inspired, claustrophobic set construction. A young girl trapped by polio in her bed. Her father, ashamed by her disability has holed her up in her room, and spends a day trapped with her, ritualistically retelling stories of his heyday. Haunting and hopeful. [2010, from Ireland]
  5. The Hand of Gaul by Jared Michael Delaney
    This show is just pure fun. Three fiercely proud — and a bit dim — Irish fans decide to avenge their team after Ireland is knocked out of the 2010 World Cup competition by an unchecked foul of French player Thierry Henry. International intrigue and rare beer ensue. So proud of playwright Jared Delaney. Thank you for giving the world the character of Le Falcon. [2013, from Philadelphia]
  6. The Walworth Farce by Enda Walsh
    This show was an incredible marathon for the actors. What are we, if not our stories? A father and his two sons, trapped in their London bedsit, retelling again and rehashing the story of their last day in Ireland. I raced along the proscenium following the actors as they ran around the stage, doing quick fire costume changes and lobbing rotisserie chicken and trophies. Incredible show. [2012, from Ireland]
  7. My Romantic History by D.C. Jackson
    This show hit a little too close to home. Stop spying on my romantic life, D.C. Jackson. Part irreverent romantic comedy, part office office fantasia. Lust, loneliness, and perils of office romance. [2013, from Scotland]
  8. Midsummer (A Play With Songs) by David Greig and Gordon McIntyre
    Mismatched lovers embark on a strange and epic life-changing weekend in Edinburgh. Spectacular performances from Charlie DelMarcell and Liz Filios; outstanding music direction from Jamison Foreman. Won 4 Barrymore Awards, including Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical. Amazing production that makes me happy every time I think about it. [2014, from Scotland]
  9. Trad by Mark Doherty
    I always think of this production as the one that got Inis Nua noticed and established in the Philadelphia theater community. Trad is the hilarious and moving tale of 100 year-old Thomas and his somehow improbably older father as they hobble across the countryside searching for the possible child from Thomas' long ago one time fling. John Lionarons performed the music for this show, and just hearing the opening strains of "Inisheer" still makes me tear up. [2007 & 2009, from Ireland]