Images and Moments From The Women's March on Washington

I stayed in Hyattsville, MD with my college friend Teresa, along with 4 other boss women and Teresa's rad children.
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    Night before: Resilience Ball
    I traveled from the suburbs of Philly and arrived for the Resilience Ball at Joe's Movement Emporium which had a pot-luck supper, sign-making, music and dancing from a band called The Wild Anacostias, and a youth peace leadership training. No kidding: this was a fantastic way to kick off the vibe of the weekend.
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    More Night Before Stuff
    Post-Resilience Ball, we retired to Teresa's house, put the kids to bed and then sat around chatting for a bit. Our girl gang consisted of: Me, Teresa, Heather, Stacy (who flew in from Seattle for the march!), Azeen, and Aria. Stacy had been knitting pink hats for the March and pretty much knitted nonstop until we marched. It was my first time meeting Stacy and Aria, and I hadn't seen Azeen in about 15 years. Marveling at how things like this bring us together.
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    First thing in the morning, Teresa's 8 year old daughter Lilly came in the kitchen and said, "I think today is going to be the best day!"
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    Teresa's 6 year old son Zephyr dancing around the living room to Beyoncé's "Who Run the World (Girls)" as we all got ready
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    Azeen gifted us each with a blue bead; per Iranian tradition, these are sewn into your clothes when you travel, so you have good luck on your journey. What a lovely gesture for a big day.
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    My signs
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    THE METRO WAS PACKED. But everyone was in a good mood and excited. Someone on the metro began handing out heart-shaped pins that said "Kind"
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    Teresa sharpyie-ing her contact info on her kids in case they got separated or lost in the crowds.
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    "Tools of the resistance!" -Teresa, as she pulled out that sharpie
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    Azeen and Aria as we waited to exit the jam-packed metro station
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    A lone dude in a red "Make America Great Again" hat was coming down into the metro station as we were trying to exit. "Have a nice day!," one woman chirped at him. "You have a good day too," he replied.
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    Almost immediately, me, Azeen, and Aria got separated from the rest of our group, as we tried to edge our way to the porta-potties. We didn't see them again for another FIVE HOURS.
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    Gloria, looking fly and preaching to the crowd.
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    Ashley Judd slaying and making us ROWDY.
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    Janet Mock!
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    LOOK AT ALL THESE WOMEN BEING INSPIRED AND READY TO OWN THIS JOINT. Also, that sign in background: "Cunt Touch This"
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    Legit favorite part of the rally: when all our Congresswomen spoke to us. Senator Harris owning everything.
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    Rep. Waters telling us to get in FORMATION ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻
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    Senator Tammy Duckworth in her "don't fuck with me" jacket. 😍 And then! She got straight to the point all "l did not shed blood for this nation and literally lose limbs just so these fool men can try to take our rights away." (Slight paraphrase) Adore.
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    Angela Davis YAAAASSSS
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    All of us getting impatient and chanting "March, March, March!"
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    Actually just taking to the streets, marching. Forget the "official march route," we just took the streets. It was immense.
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    Yo, I see you U.S. capital. I got my eye on you.
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    Blessedly reconnecting with Teresa, Heather, Stacy, Lilly, and Zephyr (and friend Jill who had joined the girl gang by this point!) because they managed to spot my sign from across the way. We had been separated by the crowds for ages.
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    "You're orange! You're gross! You lost the popular vote!"
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    Marching marching marching... and randomly (or not so randomly) see my lovely photographer friend J.J., also from Philly, across the sea of people. I called out to him and while I couldn't quite get to him, he snapped a photo of our group from across the way and we sent each other love and waves of solidarity.
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    Someone was burning sage near us and Heather commented, "We're creating sacred space."
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    Chant once we got to the White House: "Welcome to your first day/We won't go away"
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    Looking over and seeing Teresa holding a tuckered out Zephyr as we all chanted together.
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    I LOOK LIKE A GOOBER, BUT LET'S COLLECTIVELY EXCUSE THAT BECAUSE I WAS HIGH ON THE POWER OF THE PROTEST. Also, I got to hear the two women on my sign speak that day, I was excited.
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    Lilly's sign!
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    The wonderful, joyful Metro employee who was so gregarious and kind at the Archives entrance of the Green Line as he did crowd control. May the gods bless you and keep you, you fantastic person.
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    After a looooong Metro ride (we got delayed by a downed train, Metro people handled it like champs, but it was still a bit of a wait) bone weary but enthusiastic, heading to Teresa's neighborhood potluck where we ate scrumptious food and drank wine around a fire pit.
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    Finally having cell service again and getting everyone's delayed texts and seeing for the first time reports on social media all of the sister marches.
    Ladies: I love you. Trust me — we felt your spirit with us in D.C. and hope you felt ours too in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, British Columbia, Toronto, Austin, etc. Wherever you were, we were together.
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    Yeah, Philadelphia! 50,000! #WhyILovePhilly
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    Lilly painting this magnificent water color this morning.
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    Being motivated as hell to make a difference and fix this situation.
    I've been calling my senators and reps (most recently about the ACA budget resolution) but I vow to do it more. I vow to attend town hall meetings and speeches where they show up. Senator Toomey and Congressman Costello are gonna get to know me reeeeeaaal well. (Senator Casey is doing mostly OK, but I still need to talk to him too.) I vow to talk to my local politicians and to pay attention to what is happening here, in my little burb. And I'm thinking more about how to use my talents.