1. Reels
    Fast, fun, instant party pleaser dance
  2. Slip Jigs
    No better way to feel like a graceful lovely sprite. Catching air on leaps in a slip jig is the beeeeessssst.
  3. Treble Jigs
    Stabby, loud, and satisfying dance to do on days where you're frustrated or want to make a point.
  4. Treble reels
    Jolly good fun, and what most people think of when they think of Irish dance, thanks to Riverdance and Lord of the Dance.
  5. Hornpipes
    Smooth, like butter, as my dance teacher would say. Bonus: you can make up a narrative in your head about being a pirate while you dance it.
  6. Light Jigs
    If I must.
  7. Single jigs
    Ew oh god no