Live Listing the 2017 Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Parade

My dance group (Crossroads Irish Dancers) dances in the parade every year. Last year we won Outstanding Adult Dance Group. Let's see if we can defend our win this year.
  1. I am not cute today.
    It is FREEZING COLD. I am wearing many many layers and I feel like the female version of the Michelin Man
  2. Me, rn.
  3. SHUT UP.
  4. For perspective, it was 65 degrees on Wednesday, so this cold is some bullshit.
  5. On the train
    And transit police already had to come through for some drunken disorderly passengers. It is TEN THIRTY IN THE MORNING, YOU JERK AMATEURS.
  6. Look, I'm not going to pretend that I don't drink and enjoy drinking
    But Jesus Christ.
  7. Hello, we are cold
    Gonna muster for awhile
  8. Parade punch
    It involves whiskey and we're drinking it for warmth.
  9. Erin go brrrrrrrr!
    Some of our group, freezing
  10. Look at these tiny dancing babies
    They are so cold. And smart to bring blankets.
  11. Waitin around
    Can we talk about young Andrew in his kilt being handsome and rugged AF plus he DANCES?
  12. MEN: wear kilts. Dance. Trust me. It makes you handsome as hell
  13. Ooh! Ohh! Marching very soon, thank gods.
  14. Ok, the whole "marching soon" thing was a lie devised to give us false hope.
  15. Marching band
    I feel bad for those woodwind players.
  16. Ummm
  17. It was a lie.
    Still waiting for the marching. Last year, with the fear of rain we had the shortest muster time ever.
  18. HELLO
    My selfie game sucks.
    Fucking finally
  20. Andrew is cold
  21. St. Patrick is right behind us.
  23. Rounding City Hall
  24. Everyone here is drunk
    They do not care about our dancing
  25. 11 blocks to go
    This parade is moving at a glacial pace. Also, no one is here. Cold + flower show = low turn out
  26. Irish Left Shark
  28. About to perform
    For judges and TV
  29. We are DONE.
    Gonna go out on a limb and say we are not gonna win this year. Too cold and stage was narrow and it was rough.
  30. At Mac's Tavern
    For all you It's Always Sunny fans
  31. When the staff at Mac's Tavern gives you a vat of free fries
    Because they know this joint is gonna be a madhouse today.
  32. Whiskey and beer
    Wild Rovering it
    Either I am young and fair forever or he knew how to get a good tip out of my 35-year-old self (probably the latter)
  34. Waiting for the train
    Which is 23 minutes late. Eff you SEPTA. I could have stayed at the bar for another drink.
  35. Yo, at least I am pleasantly buzzed.
    This, my friends, is how the true Irish drink. With just enough to make you jolly, but not too much to make you annoying. At least, I hope I am not on the annoying scale. I dunno. I'm feeling affectionate towards everyone, but not making any advances. So that seems to be the sweet spot.
  36. And that's the end!
    Take aways: don't be a jerk when you're drinking, dancing is the best, men are hot when they wear kilts and dance. Take note, gentlemen.
  37. REAL TALK:
    I drive over an hour every week to practice and learn with Crossroads Irish Dancers. So few places take adult dancers seriously. But even if I found a place closer to me, there is no better group to dance with. They're an accepting, generous, kind group. So much of this is due to our teacher, Joanne: that is her spirit and we all emulate it. ❤☘️