Tights I have worn

A few years ago, in a fit of depression, I decided to embrace the one part of my body that I loved and felt proud of — my legs. Since then, I've worn almost exclusively skirts and dresses, and adorn my legs in the most fun/weird/sexy stockings I can find. (I highly recommend this as a form of self-love)
  1. I'm wearing these today!
  2. I still have these tights. They are super cozy.
  3. Argyle sweater tights? Yes please.
  4. Peacock feather patterned tights with a bonus appearance by my cat, Dill. The same night, I got a devastating hole in my right calf.
  5. These were a gift from my friend Colleen.
  6. Army green fishnets that probably made me look like I was suffering from a skin disease from afar, but who cares.
  7. Stripey sweater tights
  8. These star tights from H&M that I wore for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who screening with my TARDIS dress and which promptly ripped 4 hours later.
  9. Betsy Johnson star tights that are the loudest stockings I own. I love these and still have them. Bought when I was devastated post breakup for $4 at TJ Maxx
  10. Sparkle gold fishnets that I wore to my friend Lisa's wedding
  11. Purple and black striped fishnets given to me by former roommate Kelly that she got in Aruba
  12. Layered teal fishnets on plain black tights
  13. These subtle sexy polka dots. Make me feel like a pinup star. Had them for years, only recently got a run in them.
  14. Hard to see, but these are colored polka dots on black
  15. The second most obnoxious pair of tights I own. Adore them and love wearing them when the weather is gross/gloomy/snowy
  16. Metalic sparkle tights
  17. These swirly fishnet numbers
  18. I was told I looked like "Winter's cheerleader" in these tights/this outfit. I also got referred to as a character from "Frozen"
  19. Hard to see star fishnets that I wore to Gogol Bordello concert on New Year's Eve. Crotch ripped at some point in the evening
  20. These fun Harlequin jobs that got a tiny hole in them so they've now been relegated to dance practice tights.
  21. Hearts!
  22. Gray fishnets. Pro-tip: light colored or nude fishnets make you feel like a sensual French hooker, but look subtle and respectable enough to wear in the office, depending on your office culture.
  23. Kitty!
  24. Darth Vader tights that I bought and specifically wore for the opening of The Force Awakens
  25. RHINESTONES (hard to see, I know) Wore these to optimistically ring in 2016
  26. Sweater/faux knee-high tights for Valentine's Day this year
  27. I wore these on Election Day. Like every other star tights I've purchased and worn, they ripped. In retrospect, it was an omen for the outcome of the election.
  28. Boxing Day ombré tights 12/26/16
  29. 12/28/16
    I got these on clearance for $3 at Target. Technically they're "Halloween Tights" but idgaf — it's a pattern of cats. I'll wear these suckers any time of year, like the spooky witchy badass I am.
  30. Getting foxy for 2017. 12/31/16
  31. Another pair of star tights
    Gifted to me by my dance teacher and worn for the opening of Inis Nua Theatre's run of "Leper + Chip."