Also someone please let me know if I'm wrong.
  1. Make Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) the biggest blockbuster of the summer.
    I believe in the power of pop culture, and its ability to reach people from all different walks of life. I guess I believe in the power of the Marvel franchise (despite fantastic 4 failure which didn't really fail financially, just didn't necessarily kill it, also everyone agrees that it was a terrible movie).
  2. Let me explain:
  3. She's a hero! She's badass! She has cool body morphing powers!
    She has a magical dog! Her best friend wears hijab! She speaks to her mom in Urdu! She quotes the Qu'ran! She fights giant sewer alligators! She fights evil scientists!
  4. Stop making movies like "London has fallen"
    For real, this isn't helping. This is the opposite of helping and I'm disappointed in Morgan Freeman.
  5. I don't know enough about foreign policy to weigh in on other things but maybe:
  6. Stop bombing hospitals?
  7. Stop giving Trump a microphone?
  8. Stop instigating/exacerbating problems in middle eastern countries?
  9. But mostly make Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel a huge movie.
  10. Yep