1. BOOKS
  2. Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
    Slogging through this. Still relevant, beautiful descriptions and passages, BUT this is such a slow read for me. Emma insults Bovary the harshest and it's amazing.
  3. Pax by Sara Pennypacker
    <3 almost done <3 💔
  4. Squirrel Girl comics
    Heck. Yes.
  5. A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd
    Meh, I think I was swayed by negative reviews. So when certain things were pointed out I was like oh good grief!
  7. Down from the Mountain
    Owned this soundtrack on cd because I'm old, but the music from "Oh Brother, Where art thou?" was amazing. Nice tribute.
  8. Deadpool
    Here for the humor, violent movies aren't my thing. It lived up to the hype.
  9. The Revenant
    Feel like this deserves its own list. Heavy on metaphor. Like, enough with the trees in the storm and their branches. Tom Hardy was amazing. Almost gagged in the theater when water came out Leo's neck. Bye. Very beautiful nature scenes followed by very harsh and usually sad scenes involving people.
  10. Django Unchained
    Brought my attention to horrors that I had previously not known about/imagined. V v violent and horrifying. Excellent music.
  11. TV TV TV
  12. Suits
    Tried to watch ALL of Suits in February. Donna 👑 my tv was LITT up! Sorry. Hoping for another Harvey and Scottie reunion. Rachel's character got lame once she got engaged 😕 and Jessica is a boss, and Michael Ross meh. Hair in season 5 is questionable.
  14. That Florence and the Machines Silver Springs cover 🙏🙏🙏
  15. Last Week Tonight w John Oliver
    P R E A C H
  16. Vlog Brothers
    My nerd is showing. There was a nice exchange about kindness and dogs that I thought was v nice.
  17. MUSIC
  18. Andra Day
    Embarrassed I didn't know how amazing she was
  20. I have a 10 year old nephew. I made this for him. 😬
  21. Playing w patterns + drew a butt load of animals. Need to rework pattern and then wrapping paper? Idk.
  22. I made a coloring book for the super bowl -- not as popular as the chips tbh