I quit my real job

And now the struggle is real
  1. I love libraryland
  2. And I had been lucky to work in service oriented libraries
  3. So when I moved and started working for a non-service oriented library, I had problems
  4. Like why is everyone so mean to the public
  5. If a library treats their materials better than the people they serve, that library has their priorities all messed up
  6. I experienced this regularly
  7. That's not to say it happened constantly, but often enough that I felt really frustrated
  8. And I started looking for other jobs, graduate school, literally anything else
  9. And then I quit
  10. And I've been unemployed since June
  11. I started graduate school
  12. And I'm much happier now
  13. But also no steady income?
  14. But the work stress I was feeling was > any of the financial stress I feel now
  15. So despite trying to figure out how to make my family eat mostly lentils, I feel really good
  16. But I might need a side job
  17. Because I'm the only one that is cool with lentils all the time
  18. That is all
  19. That's where I've been for the past few months