Drove through southern Washington, mostly along the Columbia River. I'm Meriwether because weird name and my husband is Sacagawea because he's the driver and navigator and he has beautiful dark hair.
  1. Early fog
  2. Fog and rain on Highway 14
  3. Wind turbines + rain
    So many wind turbines through the Columbia gorge. Also usually wind surfers but too cold and wet this time of year? Idk I'm just in my car.
  4. When you drive on smaller highways, you gotta drive through all the small towns.
  5. Tunnel through the mountains
    One of many!
  6. Columbia River Gorge is beautiful
    I love all this green and forest and fog 💛
  7. And I love all the moss
  8. So much fog
  9. The goods
    Gum. Tylenol. Water. Sour patch kids.
  10. Bought an adorably small bottle of Tylenol
  11. Good sign
    1st Viking sign!
  12. Another excellent sign
    WA state 🌬
  13. Roadside Elk Jerky
  14. Leaving the foggy forests for rockier terrain
  15. Museum was closed
  16. This burnt tree
  17. Fake Stonehenge
  18. Fake Stonehenge selfie
  19. Everything looks abandoned out here
  20. Stopping to check Fantasy Sports
    1 of many-- this was a bust -- no internet.
  21. Stopping to check Fantasy Football
    1 mile further down the road -- resetting phone because Internet access is questionable
  22. Still not winning today's Fantasy Football
    The fries weren't winning either.
  23. Sometimes I read this
    Really enjoying so far -- wasn't sure if I'd read it because Eat.Pray. Love. Glad I'm trying it out.
  24. Excellent sign
    2nd Viking sign! 💯
  25. Doe on the bluff
  26. 🔼 grain 🔼
    Too dark for cell pics
  27. Fin!
  28. Things I didn't photograph:
    1. Pink chain link fence 2. Orange dumpsters 3. Sasquatch cut out photo op 4. Wooden logger statue dressed as Santa 5. "Lyle welcomes you" 6. Eagle! 7. Three helicopters flying together over the Columbia River 8. Early morning pheasant hunters 9. Huge abandoned sheds/coverings for farming or logging equipment 10. Every.single. Vineyard.