Our jammed pocket door has an old empty key opening- there's probably a technical term for it, but eff it there's an eraser that needs rescuing!
  1. Her finger
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  2. A number 2 pencil
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  3. A pencil sharpener
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  4. A photo of her big sister with her reading buddies
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  5. A pair of scissors
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    Which I took away-- I support her mission but I'm not a monster!
  6. "I need a hammer and a piece of paper and then bang, bang, bang it out!"
  7. Multipurpose tool used as a hammer in substitute of finding a real hammer
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  8. Our cat
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  9. Tape on her finger
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  10. "I need something STICKIER than tape!"
  11. "I need my inventions to work!"
  12. "Now I need glue, ah-hah!"
  13. Glue applied to tape, taped to her finger
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    This is her invention that she desperately needs to work.
  14. Invention repurposed
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  15. The pokey end of a flosser
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  16. A sewing needle
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  17. A bigger needle
  18. Two needles taped together
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  19. "Let's put it back in there"
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