1. When you're a Hanson fan, every single person you know knows you're a Hanson fan.
  2. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who "actually thought they were girls when MMMBop came out."
  3. Sometimes band members marry fans. And sometimes every single member of the band marries a fan.
  4. Fan fiction feels real when you're 16.
  5. A lot of non-Hanson fans consider "Snowed In" their favorite Christmas album.
  6. An MMMBop is defined as a very short moment of time.
  7. "They still make music?!" is apparently the only response to any comment about Hanson.
  8. They all have tons of kids (Taylor has 5), and everyone I tell that to is shocked.
  9. My dream of them coming out with a beer called MMMHops actually came true.
  10. I am unfortunately not above flying to Cancun for a fan club retreat.
  11. I will always consider myself "cooler" and "less crazy" than other Hanson fans.
  12. Every Hanson fan considers themselves "cooler" and "less crazy" than other Hanson fans.