1. Got gifted a jar of pickles.
    The man who gave them to me grows all of the ingredients himself (except the peppercorns).
  2. Said no to 27 people who asked for extra VIP party passes.
    I started keeping a tally at 6.
  3. Got an email with the subject "Potentially Disruptive and Harmful Attendee" from the head of security.
    Apparently a certain YouNow broadcaster is a dick.
  4. Woke up to 54 texts after falling asleep for 20 minutes.
    Is using the "leave this conversation" feature passive aggressive?
  5. Ran into my ex.
    Shortly afterward I started to wonder if I would one day regret being mean.
  6. Wished I had my Rollerboard so I didn't have to walk anymore.
    This is the only place in the world I would use it in public.
  7. Sent a cheese plate and wine to a guest's hotel room as an apology.
    Her door had to be completely taken off the doorway and sanded down.
  8. Ate almost an entire box of chocolates.
    One YouTuber and her mom bring me a treat at every event.
  9. Almost completely ate shit in the bathroom.
    Why is it so hard for people to keep water in the sink?
  10. Freaked out when we got our own geofilter on Snapchat.
    Freaked out may be an understatement.
  11. Watched as 13 talent flights got delayed due to weather in DC.
    One guy's 2 hour nonstop flight turned into an 11 hour adventure that ended in lost luggage.
  12. Got pink hair dye on the hotel-provided robe.
    Hope it washes out.