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A comic book series, supernatural fiction and mother's collected stories unearthed by her daughter. PS: support independent book stores and any creators you know. 🙏🏻
  1. "Shade The Changing Girl"written by Cecil Castellucci (DC comics)
  2. "The Next" by Stephanie Gangi (St. Martin's Press)
  3. "Whatever Happened To Interracial Love?" by Kathleen Collins (Ecco Press)
In honor of Runyon Canyon’s hiking path reopening after some work, I thought I’d highlight some of my other fave sporty ways to get outside in LA.
  1. Sunset Ranch
    I love, love, love horses and I used to live down the street and would walk up just to pet them. It’s a great ride but not necessarily for a complete novice and actually pretty affordable. http://www.sunsetranchhollywood.com
  2. Lake Hollywood Reservoir
    The views are real and they’re spectacular. Great place to walk with a friend and catch up. But can also bike and run. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_Reservoir
  3. The Santa Monica Steps.
    Truly one of the most challenging and satisfying work-outs I have ever, ever forced myself through. Sometimes a girlfriend and I would go here on a Sunday and then hit Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga classes if we really wanted to hurt on Monday morning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Monica_Stairs
  4. (Photos not my own / from public domain.)
Circa 1988, the black short-sleeved t-shirt became my wardrobe staple. We've been through a lot stylistically and otherwise through the years but it rarely lets me down. These are my current rotation. All American designers based in my fave state of California.
  1. American Giant
I first really watched the Tour de France with my then 1-year-old in 2006. I would read the team names out loud to him, usually mimicking the dulcet tones of the mighty Bob Roll. These were the 3 that still to this day make me crack a smile. And for their names appearing on sweaty spandex I am grateful.
  1. Euskaltel-Euskadi
    A Basque "regional" team who had glorious orange jerseys.
  2. Davitamon-Lotto
    A Belgian team sponsored by a vitamin maker and the national lottery.
  3. Bouygues Telecom
    A French company only made interesting by hearing it pronounced "boo-eeg."
Unique perspectives on the contemporary American cowboy experience, downtown NYC in the early 1990's and skateboarding in Sicily. All using real cameras. Please reach out to them to buy something.
  1. John Langmore / Spanish Ranch - Tuscarora, Nevada / 2012
  2. Christian Witkin / NYC Street Portraits / circa 1991
  3. Claudio Majorana / Mauro Caruso Ollie Reflected On Water, Catania, Sicily / May 2011
3 talented, mature women who've produced thought-filled work and deserve a wider audience. If you like what you see, please, please, please reach out to them to buy something. It’s the single best way to let any artist know you like their work and it encourages / allows them to keep on making! Proud to call each a friend.
  1. Highway / Jacqueline Sferra Rada / 2015
  2. My Mind Is Awake / PD Packard / 2015
    42x30", embossed ink & dye on BFK Rives. www.pdpackard.com
  3. Glow Of Inspiration / Dorothy Cochran
    20x16", solarplate etching www.dorothycochran.com
Caffeine therapy provided alongside retail / art therapy because I like to multi-task my mindfulness.
  1. Miansai Soho - the nautical-inspired jewelry and leather goods are gorgeous but I love to visit the reclaimed copper tea bar where you can get a hot or cold hand-made bevvie.
  2. Saturday's Surf Soho - I go here to think about escaping to Hawaii and for a La Colombe coffee without the line on Lafayette Street.
  3. Cafe Integral at American Two Shot - "downtown" funky and fun retail and a coffee bar with overhead copper lights. It's a little happy place when you need it.
  4. Roth New York Bar at Hauser & Wirth Chelsea - it's an art installation where you can get a coffee (or sometimes a glass of champagne.) The space used to be The Roxy and it's been wonderfully re-designed to provide a healthy art break.
Sort of a Flash Back Friday musically but he's top of mind today as he's playing tonight locally in support of his fantastic new record "Fever Dream" and I can't go.
Thinking happy thoughts.
  1. Please be kind and never rewind.
  2. Birthday riches x3. Lucky me.
  3. Cat mind tricks.
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