Favourite Episodes of the Office

My favourite show of all time 🙌🏻
  1. The Dinner Party
    This is the most cringe inducing and awkward to watch of nearly all the episodes...and probably the absolute best.
  2. The Deposition
    When the clerk reads back the transcript of Michael trying to evade answering questions is one of the best scenes of the whole series. Amazing.
  3. New Boss
    When Michael quits with such uncharacteristic dignity it makes me punch the air with pride. I tear up a little every time.
  4. Classy Christmas
    I can't stress enough how much I love it when Jim is without the upper hand and this is the finest instance of that. "In the end, the greatest snowball isn't a snowball at all: it's fear. Merry Christmas."
  5. The Injury
    Michael feeling so so sorry for himself after he cooks his foot in a George Foreman grill and whining so much that Ryan has to spike his pudding with painkillers is perfect classic Office to me.
  6. Survivor Man
    Michael singing only the high harmony to Happy Birthday my be my favourite Michael Scott fact. (And like I mention elsewhere in the list, he grilled his foot in a Foreman grill.)
  7. Company Picnic
    Michael and Holly are soup snakes, Jim and Pam find out they're pregnant and Michael accidentally shuts down a branch during a slumdunder mifflinairee skit. 💯
  8. The Fire
    "@bjnovak started the fire!"
  9. Niagara
    PB & J at their cutest.
  10. Turf War
    "I'm the fucking lizard king", Jim and Dwight get mistaken for a couple, the underdog triumphs. Solid gold.
  11. China
    I love that Oscar is such a notorious know it all that the whole office immediately moves to help Michael out instead of hindering him for once. Perfect.