Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. From my favourite Indian restaurant
    Chicken tikka with a side of aloo Gobi, pilau rice and a peshwari naan/ lamb vindaloo side of veggie korma
  2. From Dominos
    Personal pizza, Italian crust with ham, pineapple, mushrooms and olives, well done
  3. From McDonalds
    Double cheeseburger no onion, curly fries or McChicken Sandwich meal with sweet chilli dip and a Diet Coke
  4. From All coffee places
    Either a flat white or a decaf flat white, occasionally an iced latte or americano
  5. From Chinese restaurants
    Dry fried chicken chow mein, no onion no bean sprouts and mushroom soup
  6. From my favourite sushi place
    Tuna Nigiri, Tamago, Chicken Katsu roll and miso soup
  7. From Italian restaurants
    Lasagne and a side salad
  8. From Mexican restaurants (no chipotle where I'm from!)
    Burrito bowl w/ chicken or pork, rice, beans, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, carrots, medium salsa and tortilla chips