reflecting on all the good things I've done this year!
  1. getting my job
    I work as a parapro (classroom aide) for English language learners at a local middle school. it's in the field I want to go in, is really rewarding, and I'm meeting great contacts for when I'm out of college!
  2. making (and maintaining) new friendships
    I'm a quiet person until you get to know me - and I've been told I don't open up very easily. I've made friends with a group of people that I feel very comfortable with, and everyone gets along with my friends/roommates! overall we're a super cool group of people
  3. removing negative things/people
    it wasn't easy to do this bc I felt so guilty, but my best friend and I are better because of it. also, my life is a lot less stressful and I don't need to tiptoe around someone 24/7.
  4. being more confident in myself
    as aforementioned, I am quite shy- but my job in retail has pretty much forced me to open up and talk to people. outside of that, I've also become more confident in my appearance! I love makeup, but I've been wearing less of it lately, and getting more comfortable with my bare face. having to go to work early in the morning, and valuing sleep over makeup has helped this
  5. taking on leadership roles
    this is mostly about Model UN which is my fave school activity bc I am a nerd for politics. I was a head delegate this year! so basically I was in charge of all of the country's delegates - we were Afghanistan, which was tricky & interesting. my partner and I solved everyone's problems at the conference and did a stellar job representing Afghanistan so A+ for us
  6. last but not least
  7. my Halloween costume
    ok I thought this was my best Halloween yet... I was Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas & I killed it.