I have a tendency to get things I don't need... at all... like there is not physically enough room in my house for more of these.
  1. coffee mugs
    these are my weakness and it seems like I can't leave Goodwill or Salvation Army without grabbing at least one. most feature funny/stupid slogans or small animal designs.
  2. lipsticks
    specifically matte lipsticks. more specifically, matte berry/wine colored lipsticks. they're all the same color. I can't even wear matte lipstick right now because my lips are so chapped, but I'll still grab one when I head to Meijer tomorrow bc I have no self control.
  3. hair ties in the shower
    I get in the shower without taking the hair tie off my wrist, it gets wet, I take it off to let it dry, it sits on the tub's side for 10 years.
  4. cute bags from stores
    like those nice holiday bags that your purchases go in, with like flowers and swirls and stuff all over them. will I use them again? probably not but its better to be prepared for whatever occasion that might call for decorated paper bags.