my roommate got mad at me for taking a bath to relax after a stressful day when I had already taken a v quick shower earlier today, I told him to leave me alone bc I am actually conserving water AND I get "me time" this way sooooooo bye bitch
  1. according to Google it takes about 50 gallons to completely fill a bath tub - but you gotta leave room for yourself, so it's really closer to like 20 - 30 gallons
  2. also according to Google, shower heads have a rate of an average of 2.5 gallons per minute
    this apparently has been the standard since 1994, but before then it was about 5.5 gpm
  3. you can get water saver ones that are under 2gpm but I really doubt my landlord did that kind deed for us
  4. my case:
  5. I have long dry hair and very dry sensitive skin
  6. I take v short showers (<5 min) almost daily, and every 3-4 days I wash my hair
  7. When I wash my hair, I like to take long, warm but not hot showers, typically from 15 to 20 minutes
    shampoo & wash, condition hair, shave (not always but when I do it's a process), wash body, condition body, wash out hair conditioner. and some standing time just contemplating life u know
  8. I take a bath maaaaaaybe once a week
    I will admit I took a lot of baths when I worked at lush tho..... too many baths
  9. SO
  10. if my average shower is 17.5 minutes
  11. and 17.5 minutes x 2.5 gpm = 43.75 gallons per shower
  12. if I take a bath (25 gallons) and a 5 minute shower (2.5gpm x 5min = 12.5 gallons) that equals a total of 37.5 gallons
  13. (43.75gallons x 2 days) + (12.5gallons x 4days) + (25 gallons x 1 bath) = 162.5 gallons a week
  14. his case:
  15. he takes like 5 min showers twice a day
    2.5 gpm x 10 min = 25 gallons a day
  16. 25 gallons x 6 days (it's not a constant 2 showers) = 150 gallons a week
  17. I'm using just over 10 gallons of water more a week if I take a bath
  18. also
  19. I can use a bath bomb or bubble bar and read a book and listen to music in the nice and toasty warm bath
    my house is so cold y'all
  20. ALSO
  21. my other roommate does this also but he only gets mad at me for it so chill out dude
    /somebody/ clearly needs to relax and take a bath of his own 👀
  22. in conclusion
  23. baths aren't that bad for the environment compared to showers
    especially if you take long showers
  24. I love baths
  25. ✌🏼️