a list no one probably cares too much about, but is very important to me. i got hired at Lush for the holidays, so I've been able to indulge a little (read:a lot) more this year.
  1. American Cream conditioner
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    I feel like people overlook Lush's haircare but holy hell you shouldn't. this conditioner leaves my dry hair so soft, and the smell is amazing. it's described as a strawberry vanilla milkshake scent, which I don't really get, but it makes me want to sniff my hair 24/7
  2. Love Lettuce fresh face mask
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    this has ground almond shells in it for some great (but not too harsh!) exfoliation. whenever I use this mask my face feels as soft as a baby's bottom. I have the worlds driest skin, so it does leave my skin a little thirsty, but nothing that some moisturizer won't fix!
  3. Holly Golightly bubble bar
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    alright folks, this is my favorite bubble bar of all time. it smells like Christmas, and is super fresh and pretty. the water turns a bright green color and you get more bubbles than you would think. I like to use half the bar at once, or even a third. this stuff is super sparkly, like the entire outside is covered in silver glitter and I leave the bath shimmering and refreshed.
  4. Lord of Misrule shower cream
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    i LOVE the bath bomb, and was super excited for this shower cream for the holidays. the spicy, patchouli scent is so unique and clings to your skin and makes me feel so cozy yet mysterious at the same time
  5. Lust perfume
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    this scent is intoxicating. it's basically straight up jasmine and makes me feel so luxurious and mysterious and delectable. I love deeper scents and I cannot get enough of this perfume. it does smell different on everyone, so I highly encourage you go smell it for yourself (or don't, if you hate jasmine. bc that's all that this is.)
  6. Copperhead shampoo bar
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    this leaves my hair nice and clean, but doesn't strip anyway any moisture! I've had this guy for a month now and I can't tell a difference in its size - it's supposed to last for 80 washes, which is crazy. it isn't my favorite scent, with ground coffee and henna infusion, but it works wonders.
  7. Buffy body butter
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    another product I think is overlooked. It's literally a block of shea and cocoa butter, with some ground almonds, rice, and beans to exfoliate your skin while it's getting moisturized up the wazoo. I like using this in the shower after shaving and it has helped my dry winter skin immensely.
  8. Eau Roma Water toner
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    toner waters are still a weird thing to me, but I love how calming this feels when I spray it on my face. it's got rose and lavender oils in there, and it's great for sensitive and dry skin. if i ever wear foundation, I spray with on over it as a setting spray
  9. Guardian of the Forest bath bomb
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    this is a new year-round bomb, and smells so fresh and mossy. it's inspired by the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke, which I absolutely love. it turns your bath a nice green color, and is so very relaxing.
  10. Rose Jam shower gel
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    a classic holiday scent that I literally cannot get enough of. it's a really nice floral, sweet, yet tangy scent, with lots of rose (duh), vanilla, and lemon. (Ro's Argan Body conditioner, Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar, Pearl massage bar, and Chou Chou toothy tabs all have the same scent and I love them.)
  11. I'm still looking for a fave facial cleanser, I'm leaning towards let the good times roll. I'm trying out ultrabland currently. also gonna pick up a full of grace serum bar for a night time moisturizer