Happy Monday

  1. I'm accidentally wine drunk
  2. and eating a grilled cheese
  3. my weekend was wonderul
  4. I had Model Arab League and won an award
    I was the chair of the Palestinian affairs committee && we killed it
  5. and I will be assistant Secretary General next year
    I run dis bitch
  6. which is super exciting the rest of the people on the secretariat are cool af
  7. we had a party on Saturday and it was great
    I was in my room w my friends and we just had lovely discussion and stared at my candle
  8. the kid I kinda like flirted w me so that was cool
  9. and last night we had all of my former coworkers from LUSH come over for a late galentines day party it was so much fun
  10. we're watching bobs burgers rn
  11. this is great ☺️
  12. how was your weekend and Monday?