this was the 2nd list I ever made, but posted to my drafts til now when I saw other ppl doing it... I am a crowd follower. in chronological order bc there's no other way to do it
  1. first kisses are weird but it was kind of sweet. then you went with too much tongue and I didn't have a clue what to do. sorry for not texting you back, no hard feelings?
  2. sorry for running out of the room to throw up. it wasn't you, it was the alcohol. what was you was the weird lack of communication prior to the occurrence, and when the new school year happened.
  3. that was probably not the best idea, on either of our parts and it progressed way too far than it should've. better off as friends, right?
  4. you went in to kiss me and I got scared and literally ran away even though I (really) wanted to. the next attempt was successful. can we try again?
  5. I've never been more bored by a single person. you also made me feel more like an object than a partner, which was pretty shitty. work on that.
  6. I probably should've talked to you a little longer before we made out, but you were hot and we were drunk. it was a lot of fun & I don't regret it one bit.