I'm from the Chicago burbs, and moved here for college, these are some things that I've noticed
  1. State pride
    SO much state pride?????? especially on the west side of the state??? people have Michigan sticker on their laptops or on their cars or tattooed on their body
  2. beer
    Grand Rapids is beer city! there are so many local microbreweries and cool bars around.
  3. talking about going "up north"
    either to the Upper Peninsula, or to the northern part of regular Michigan. very green, lots of nature.
  4. pointing to places in Michigan on your hand
    the first time I saw this it made no sense but now I use it too,, it's so convenient
  5. going to the beaches
    the west coast of Michigan has some cool dunes and beaches that are good day trips - a lot of them have cute lil touristy towns fairly close that are fun to check out
  6. going to Meijer
    also called Meijer's, but idk how the s got added?? I swear this is like one of the only grocery store chains in Michigan
  7. ArtPrize
    this might just be a GR/west Michigan thing. it's basically a 3 week long art show throughout the downtown where you can submit work and the people vote on a winner. can be cool, can be super lame.
  8. hunting season is a thing
    which is so weird to me??? I'm disgusted by people who hunt for sport tbh, why kill innocent animals for fun
  9. Detroit Redwings
    lol k.