Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. it's actually a p cute story
  2. even though I never talked to the kid again bc I had a crush on someone else 👀
  3. I was a freshman in college
  4. my friend's mutual friend lived 30 minutes away and her parents were out of town for the weekend so she ended up having people over
  5. my friend AJ's friend Rob drove us there
  6. I didn't know a lot of people there, so I just hung out w Rob
  7. we sat out by the bonfire and talked for like 2 hours and then went for a walk through the apple orchard behind their house
  8. we were lying in the field and he rolled over and kissed me and it was very cute
  9. after that we went back to the house and talked w everyone and then "went to bed" (a pile of blankets on the floor) and made out for a while
  10. his use of tongue was awful and he wouldn't let me go to sleep!!!!!!
  11. like it was 4:30 and he would roll over and try to continue kissing me and I was just like ????
  12. he drove me and AJ home the next day and apparently AJ thought we had fucked
  13. he gave me this number and I never texted him back bc a different guy had a crush on me and I thought that he was super cute 🙃
  14. also!
  15. I ran into him at the grocery store last month and he pretended not to see me