the first year i've actually made plans!
  1. thursday: be super sick and afraid you might not be able to do fun stuff this weekend
  2. friday night: go to gathering at friends, DD cuz you're /almost/ not sick, have a blast for a couple hours
    then ditch bc 2 girls started throwing up and that's none of my business
  3. saturday: finish your costume, ya dingus!
    i'm being melisandre from GoT, and have yet to make my necklace... oops
  4. saturday eve: spooky grilled cheese extravaganza
    go to pre game party where it's BYOC (cheese) and get a delicious grilled cheese to eat while drinking and playing games
  5. saturday night: hit up downtown, especially that stranger things party that'll be going on
  6. sunday: work all day bc you work food service
    but no one will come in bc it's a frozen yogurt place and it's supposed to rain
  7. monday: hang out w friends all day, eat candy, drink witch's brew, have a good time
  8. happy halloween kiddos