Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. take a bath!
    im addicted, it's a crisis. if you want a super relaxing bath bomb, go with Big Blue from LUSH
  2. drink hot cider or hot chocolate
    honestly those hot cider instant drink packets are my life and they're hella cheap. for bomb hot chocolate, u gotta get the land o' lakes ones; mint, raspberry, and the original are my faves
  3. binge watch Criminal Minds
    a fave. it's a stressful show but in a way that it distracts me from my rl problems. also i always end up falling asleep watching it
  4. beauty videos on YouTube
    there's no way I'm ever going to be able to rock a strong cut crease or feel the need to bake my face, but I love watching other people do it
  5. cuddle with my cat
    we are allergic to each other but love each other very much
  6. bake cookies
    Baking > cooking, bc it's more orderly and structured. also once u bake cookies u then get to enjoy eating cookies