1. when you're younger, you probably have no control over it and no clue how to style it
    this will be at least the first decade of your life - looking back at pictures is rough
  2. this means that it's a crazy mess. you might have let your hairdresser cut it too short at some point
  3. you also might have had a middle part for a long time, since it was easy and curly hair can do weird things
  4. people start putting their hands in your hair without asking
    this is the most annoying thing. why do strangers feel like my head is calling to their hands, just asking for them to pull on my curls?
  5. washing your hair right before bed is risky because you don't know what you'll wake up to (it will probably still be damp though)
  6. when junior high hits, you realize how unique your hair is and start kind of liking it, but still have no control
  7. washing your hair during the day means allowing at least 3 hours for it to (mostly) dry
  8. finding the right hair product is amazing and wonderful bc it somehow controls the frizz without leaving your hair crunchy
  9. if you want to straighten it, it's about a 2 hour process,excluding the shower and dry time
  10. once it's straight, it feels like there's no volume and it gets oily super fast - these are very foreign concepts
  11. everyone always comments on your hair, and then asks when you brush it
    you don't. who in their right mind who brush curly hair? have you seen it before? it's one ball of fluff
  12. you've learned to love your hair over time and couldn't imagine having permanently straight hair even thought it sounds like the frizz control is easier