mostly happy tunes (besides the odd radiohead) that get me in the zone. I also listen to upbeat indie playlists on songza, 8tracks, and spotify. a perfect one I found was "dancing with myself" on songza
  1. hail to the thief by radiohead
    despite the first song being 2+2=5, this album really gets me in the zone. last year I had a superstition of listening to it every night before a math test, and it paid off!
  2. room on fire by the strokes
    this album is my favourite strokes album and full of toe-tapping tunes
  3. first impressions of earth by the strokes
    probably my second favourite strokes album. I think every album of theirs could fit on this list. ize of the world is the ultimate pump up song
  4. sound of silver by lcd soundsystem
    this one makes me dance in my seat and forget about the pain that is studying for a math test, while I'm studying for a math test
  5. in the shower by homeshake
    I've been obsessed with this album lately so I could listen to it while I do anything or nothing at all. but yes it is great for studying
  6. thinking in textures by chet faker
    technically not an album, but it's grooooovy as hell
  7. multi-love by unknown mortal orchestra
    one of my favourite albums of the year. you definitely have to hold yourself back from busting a move
  8. 6 feet beneath the moon by king krule
    save yourself from crying by skipping baby blue. unless you need a song to cry to because, you know, math
  9. nighttiming by coconut records
    fantastic album! I wish jason schwartzman would come out with some new stuff